5 Reasons Why You Should Use Stainless Steel Balustrades

When choosing materials for your balustrades for a commercial building or renovation project, there are several important considerations. Stainless steel is a top contender in many respects, especially for modern office and retail buildings. You should expect balustrades to last for years, so it's sensible to choose materials that are hard-wearing and attractive. You'll want to avoid maintenance worries, and it's also good to choose a material that can be made to suit a wide range of environments and requirements. So, let's take a closer look at why you should use stainless steel for your balustrades.


Whether in commercial, industrial, or residential settings, balustrades can be in daily use, so durability is essential. Where safety is concerned, there can be no half-measures, so balustrades mustn't break under pressure or fail suddenly. Stainless steel is therefore the ideal choice, as it is a highly resilient material that can resist all design loads.

The durability of stainless steel balustrades also makes them perfect for safe and effective long-term installations. Their hard-wearing surface is not readily damaged and won't roughen over time or become uncomfortable for users. That means they remain smooth and easy to hold, which is crucial for everyday use in both commercial and industrial environments.


Balustrades should also look good, particularly in commercial or domestic environments. Shoddy-looking details on railings or balustrades can project an image of carelessness that is detrimental to business. Stainless steel's smooth, clean finish provides a smart and appealing look that suits many site designs.

Stainless steel also wipes clean easily and retains its good looks throughout the day, even in tough environments. Plus, unlike some materials, it won’t rust, mould or other stains.


For balustrades in regular use, easy maintenance is a boon for property owners and facilities managers. Stainless steel requires little in the way of daily care beyond a quick wipe-down. Regular polishing or hard scrubbing is unnecessary to keep it clean, saving time and effort. Stainless steel's durability and strength mean can resist a variety of design loads in harsh environments. Using stainless steel for balustrades will save you money as you’ll be guaranteed a long-service life.


The smart finish of stainless steel balustrades is a common sight in indoor industrial and commercial settings. But stainless steel's durability makes it an ideal material for outdoor installations as well. Modern steel finishing methods can give an especially durable product that will withstand tough outdoor conditions without rust or corrosion. Stainless steel's overall finish offers a strong, smart and contemporary look for balustrades on staircases, balconies, ramps and many other outdoor structures.


When choosing material for balustrades you need to consider what the site will accommodate. Stainless steel is a highly versatile material, which means it can easily be fabricated to fit difficult or unusual spaces and then polished afterwards. It's also a good choice for custom-designed balustrades to match interior design plans or exterior branding. So whether you're installing ornately detailed structures or a more contemporary or modernist look, stainless steel will meet the brief.


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