Why You Should Choose A Spiral Staircase For Commercial Properties

Staircases are not just for utility. When choosing a staircase design for a commercial property – whether as a contractor or architect, you need to consider space, safety, and visual appeal. A spiral staircase is very compact and can add visual distinction to shops, cafes, leisure venues and many other types of space. They may be used to link sales floors and provide routes up to mezzanine levels or utility access down to lower storage levels or car park access. With bespoke spiral staircases, UK businesses can really make an impact with their commercial properties. Let’s look at some of the benefits of choosing a spiral staircase for your next project.


Historically, spiral staircases have been most common where space is at a premium. A spiral staircase design for small spaces is much more efficient than a standard, straight form, as the footprint required for construction is far smaller. Its compact construction, rising vertically between floors, leaves more room for shop displays, tables, desks, or other commercial furniture. Visitors can move around the stairs more freely, without the awkward and often wasted space found beneath regular flights of stairs.

A spiral staircase is also typically installed within an existing room or area, rather than in separated, enclosed stairwells. This retains a light and airy feeling on the stairs and avoids unwanted dark spaces. For commercial properties, this is especially beneficial, as visitors or shoppers can move continuously between sales areas without needing to be enclosed in a stairwell to move between floors.


Spiral stairs are not just valuable within properties, they can also be installed outdoors. They are particularly effective for discreet staircases that may not be in continuous use, like fire escapes. They are also effective as the main staircase for accessing properties raised above the ground floor. Here they make efficient use of limited space and can be constructed in quite constrained situations.


As well as being useful, a spiral staircase can act as a focal point in or outside a property. By choosing distinctive designs, for example, you can bring a stylish modern look to the staircase, which may be desirable in many retail, hospitality, and commercial settings. Or you could choose decorative art nouveau detailing for a period feel. By employing fully bespoke designs, it's possible to produce distinctive staircases for any situation and client budget.

A spiral staircase is eye-catching and may be installed as a powerful standalone design feature. Equally, their efficient use of space means that spiral staircases can also be less obtrusive, helping to retain natural light in commercial properties, with a clean and airy feel. Spiral staircases are highly versatile and able to accommodate almost any design criteria.


Given that spiral staircases are less common than some other commercial staircase designs, it may surprise you to learn that they are typically cost-effective to design, build, and install. Their light construction requires less material, meaning that kit form spiral staircase prices are considerably cheaper than other alternative staircase choices. Furthermore, because of their compact form, you may not need to make as many changes to the structure of the building to install a spiral staircase, meaning it's cheaper and quicker overall.


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