Glass Balustrades Vs Wire Balustrades

Which Is Best For Your Next Construction Project?

If you're embarking on plans for a balcony, mezzanine or staircase for a commercial build or refurbishment, you'll want to choose the construction material for your balustrades with care. A solid balustrade is vital for safety, so it will need to be durable and strong. Easy maintenance is another virtue, but aesthetics are important too. After all, the presentation of decorative features like balustrades can have a big impact on the overall look of a property.


They can affect the customer’s brand image, property value and user satisfaction, so making the right construction choice is essential for fulfilling both the aesthetic and access requirements of the customer’s project brief.

The most common material options for light, modern balustrades are glass and steel wire. Both glass and steel balustrades offer a sensible balance of practical and perceptual factors. Lightness and maintainability with strength and reliability are the key features. So, which is best for your next construction project?


Wire balustrades are made from steel rope affixed to steel posts, offering a light, contemporary feel to any construction project. They can be made to measure for a wide range of different settings and are easily and quickly installed. Wire offers a great alternative to glass balustrades if you want to keep a light aesthetic and unimpeded view. No other balustrade material creates quite the same open-air feel, so they are a suitable option for situations where clean lines and open, breezy spaces are favoured.

The construction of Steel wire balustrades are impressively robust and requires little ongoing work to maintain them in good, safe order. Everyday cleaning is also an easy task with wire balustrades - they require only an occasional wipe to stay looking fresh and untarnished. And not the least of their benefits is price. Compared to other materials, wire rope can be highly cost-effective for constrained project budgets depending on the number of wires used as well as the placement of the balustrade.


Glass balustrades are another favourite for modern-looking commercial and retail installations. Clear glass offers exceptional light penetration, requiring less artificial lighting during daylight hours, and more natural sunlight within and around buildings. They are also easy to clean, with any dirty marks quickly wiped away with basic detergents. Furthermore, the strength and durability of toughened and laminated glass balustrades are exceptional, resulting in years of safe and maintenance-free service.

If enhanced noise and wind reduction are required, glass balustrades offer the best protection, while retaining natural light flow. Toughened and laminated glass also offers a more effective barrier to climbing and break-through than virtually any other balustrade material, so it's a good choice for dissuading unwanted visitors, whether human or animal.


Ultimately both wire and glass balustrades offer impressive durability, low maintenance and ease of cleaning. Each material is suitable for contemporary designs with clean lines and low levels of visual obstruction. The final choice must depend on the requirement details of your project. Glass may offer your customer a more secure solution and has the lowest visual impact of all. Meanwhile, wire is easy to install and its openness to airflow may be preferred for some situations.


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