Are Glass Balustrades Worth The Investment?

For clean-looking, contemporary designs, glass balustrades are a great option in a variety of commercial and retail applications. They offer a secure barrier without the weightier appearance of metal or wooden balustrades. Glass balustrades in outdoor or indoor settings give a lighter finish that suits many modern architectural styles. They are also excellent for letting light into balconies or mezzanines and allow users to see out without obstacles.

If you're thinking of installing new balustrades on a build or specifying them on behalf of a client, appearance is not the only consideration. Costs will also be high on your priority list. Glass balustrades do tend to come with a heftier price tag than some other materials.

However, there are good reasons for this and, as with many spending choices, sometimes a higher upfront cost can result in benefits for the client further down the line. So are glass balustrades a good investment?


Glass balustrade prices are, on balance, higher than their wooden or metal equivalents. However, you may find the difference is less than you initially imagine. Ultimately, the cost of any individual installation depends on lots of different factors. For example:

- Size: straightforwardly, more glass means a higher cost, although the price may not necessarily rise proportionately.

- Type of glass: toughened or laminated glass will usually be more costly. However, these treatments are important for safety reasons if you are installing balconies or barriers to prevent falling.

- Design complexity: detailed design requires more manufacturing work and thus a higher cost.

- Installation costs: if the site is awkward or hard to access, installation costs will rise.


Despite the apparent costs, glass balustrades have benefits that can save customers money in the longer term. These include:

- Durability: glass is stronger than you think. For outdoor balconies and barriers, it's crucial to choose toughened and laminated glass, which offers exceptional strength and safety.

- Longevity: glass is hard-wearing and doesn't easily tarnish. This is particularly beneficial in outdoor settings where materials like wood can quickly stain or rot if left untreated and may have a limited lifespan.

- Light: with energy costs at a premium, it's worth getting the most from natural light sources. Glass lets light through virtually unimpeded, meaning you need less artificial lighting. It also helps to create a sense of space.

- Property value: your choice of material for indoor and outdoor structures can affect the value of your property. Glass balustrades help to create an open, modern feel that improves the desirability of your property when assessed for sale or rent.


Despite the upfront costs of glass balconies, they provide features which can ultimately save clients’ money and add value to a commercial property. Glass offers a clean, modern finish that helps to create a spacious, airy feel – perfect for open plan offices, public buildings, and retail environments. And you may be surprised to find that glass balustrades cost less than you expected.


For your commercial balustrade project, it's worth choosing a reliable manufacturer like Concept Balustrades. We'll ensure you receive top-quality materials, production and service, from start to finish. Get in touch today to discuss your project requirements.